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5 Things To Do Before Sending Your Phone or Tablet For Repair

For most of us, we are never more than an arm’s reach from our smartphone. It follows us wherever we go, and research suggests that, on average, people look at their phones 52 times a day!

That means when your phone or tablet is broken, it can seriously impact how you use the device.
While you might be tempted to keep your device and just work around your cracked screen, this can lead to you not being able to use the phone or tablet as it was designed or facing further issues later down the line.

Of course, sending your phone or tablet for repair does not only happen when your screen breaks, other issues such as poor battery and camera issue may affects the usability.

If you are need to get your phone repaired, there are 5 things that you should do before sending:


Phone with cracked screen

1. Check device warranty

When it comes to getting your phone repaired, there is a wide range of companies available who can complete the work.

However, before you choose one, check to see if your mobile phone or tablet is still under its manufacturer warranty.

If you are not sure, you can check the status of your device using an online tool, such as the SellUp Warranty Checker.
If your phone is no longer within the manufacturer’s warranty period, then you might consider choosing a third-party repair shop for one reason - cost saving.

Take your time to research reviews and make sure you choose a professional and trusted technician in Singapore.

2. Backup your information

Before sending your phone away for repair, make sure that you back it up to ensure that you do not lose any of your data, such as contacts, photos, and videos.

You can do this by visiting the settings on your device and navigating towards the storage and backup section.

3. Locate your Apple ID and password

You naturally want to keep your phone secure, and many people use passcodes and face ID to unlock their phone. Before sending your phone for repair, remove all security features so technicians can easily access the device during repairs.

Alongside disabling the security features, you should also keep your Apple ID password close to hand; otherwise, the technician might not be able to service your device without it.

4. Remove accessories

You should also remove any accessories you have on the phone, including any screen protector or phone case.
Remove case from mobile phone

5. Remove your SIM card

Finally, you should remove your SIM card from the phone. This is good practice to ensure your information remains secure.

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