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You can sell mobile phones, tablets, MacBooks, game consoles, smartwatches, and accessories like earphones and digital pens on SellUp.
You can schedule a pickup appointment online for a dealer to come to your home or office. They will verify the device's condition at your location, and if it matches the description you provided, you will receive payment on the spot.
Our dealers provide pick up for almost any location in Singapore, except for offshore islands and restricted zones such as airports, power stations, military camps, border checkpoints, key government buildings, and Resorts World Sentosa.
You can schedule a store visit with our verified dealers located throughout Singapore. If you need to sell your device urgently, you can evaluate it online and make a same-day appointment to visit the store. You will be paid on the spot after the dealer inspects the condition of your device.
No, our buyback dealers do not purchase items that have been reported as lost or stolen. All devices will be screened through the Secondhand Goods Dealers Transaction Records System (SHOTS) to ensure there are no lost or stolen records reported. Dealers are also required to record seller's information and the device's electronic serial number for each item they receive for a trail of items under inquiry.
Devices not as described or not working, stolen or reported lost devices, iCloud or password-locked devices, phones with large or obvious bends, and water-damaged devices may be rejected.
It is highly recommended that you perform a factory reset to ensure your data is erased before selling.
You will receive cash on the spot. The dealer will inspect the condition of your device and provide a final assessment. Once you accept, you will receive payment immediately.
SellUp has a network of verified buyback dealers that offer prices to sellers. The buyback prices are updated daily by the dealers, and we help you compare the best offer.
For used devices, warranties or extended warranties will not have any additional buy-back value since we are not legally able to transfer ownership of a warranty.
The online evaluation provides an estimated offer for your device. The dealer will need to further inspect the device, and the final offer will be based on the actual condition of your device.
We only accept bookings up to 3 days in advance to ensure the accuracy of the price offered by dealers.
No problem! Simply drop us an SMS/Whatsapp at 9336 0575 and provide your booking number for us to proceed with the cancellation.
Our buyers are typically most interested in smartphones and electronics that are less than 2 years old because these devices retain maximum value in the resale market. There might be some models that are not being offered by the dealers due to low demand.
We will verify the device at your place of convenience. Once checks is completed, we will pay you by cash on the spot.
You will be quoted on the spot a revise buy-back price. You can choose to accept revised value OR reject selling your device without any penalty.
Evaluate the type of repair you need and get an instant quotation. Choose a repair vendor from our network and make an appointment to visit the store. The technician will diagnose your device and provide a final quote. They will only proceed with the repair upon your confirmation. There is no diagnostic fee if you choose not to proceed with the repair.
The duration depends on the severity of the faults in your device and the availability of parts. Typically, changing the glass screen or battery takes less than 30 minutes.
Our third-party repair vendors cannot claim their parts as original, but they use high-quality parts that provide similar functions.
SellUp has a vast network of repair partners located island-wide. Once you evaluate your device, a list of partners will be presented for your selection.
The replacement/repair of parts are charged with no further markup or hidden costs, but it may be subject to GST charges. The exact quotation may change during the device inspection due to hidden faults. The repair partner will inform you before commencing any repair.
The payment will be made to the repair vendor upon completion of work.
Yes, you can WhatsApp us at 93360575 if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
The authorized service provider will void any existing warranty if any repairs are done by third-party vendors.
Yes, the repair vendor offers a warranty for the replacement parts against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. The period of the warranty varies accordingly to the respective repair vendor.
Pre-existing conditions or post-appointment damages unrelated to the original repair, caused by mishandling, liquid damage, software-related defects, or any other unrelated issues. Loss of data is not covered, so please back up your device before your appointment. Devices that are repaired or modified by anyone other than our verified repair vendor prior to or after their service are also not covered.
SellUp never sells or shares any of your personal information unless you have specifically opted in to receive offers from our partners. Additionally, during our inspection process, all devices receive a full wipe and factory restoration. During the inspection, we also destroy any SIM or memory cards found in the device that our customers may have forgotten to take out.
Please Note: If you do forget to take out your memory card or SIM and your phone is sent to us, we will be unable to return the SIM or the memory card. In such a case, you have to self collect the items from our office.
If you can't find your device listed on our site, please make sure you are searching for the correct model. There are a few easy ways to do this:
  1. Look underneath the phone’s battery for the model number
  2. Turn on your phone and check the "Settings" menu / application. You should be able to find the make and model.
  3. If you have the original box or the user manual, the make and model will be printed on the box.

Our buyers are typically most interested in smartphones and electronics that are less than 2 years old, because these devices retain maximum value in the resale market. If your gadget is within this range but you still don't see it listed, it probably does not have enough resale value to make any profit. We know this can be disappointing, especially when you really value your item.