SellUp FAQ

  • SellUp does not purchase items that have been reported as lost or stolen.
  • All devices will be screen through Secondhand Good Dealers Tranaction Records System (SHOTS) to ensure there is no lost or stolen records reported.
  • We are also required to record seller’s information which may include Name, Address, Identification number, Birthday and Nationality.
  • We also record the device’s electronic serial number for each item we receive, so we can a trail for items under inquiry.
  • By engaging our service, you are agreeable to provide these information for our recording purpose.
We buy-back new and used mobile phone and tablet in working condition.
No. We provide free collection at your home or office address.
SellUp provide door-step collection to almost any location in Singapore with the exception of offshore islands and restricted zones such as airports, power station, military camps, border checkpoints, key government building, Resorts World Sentosa.
  • Device not as described or not working.
  • Stolen or report lost devices.
  • iCloud or Password locked device.
  • Phone with large / obvious bend.
  • Water damage device.
No, you do not need to reformat your devices. We will ensure that every device is data-wiped and reformatted to factory default before selling.
Basically just your smartphone. However if you have these accessories, it may add to your sales value of your device:
  • Original charger, cable and unused earphone.
  • Original box.
DO NOT send in your SIM card, used earphone, or other unrelated accessories.
Upon verifying the device, we will pay you by cash on the spot.
  • We combed through hundreds of online transaction everyday to provide you with most value for your item.
  • Our objective is to be transparent with our customer so you know how much your pre-owned device is worth with a few clicks of mouse button.
For Used phone, to transfer ownership of a warranty, we would need to pass on the personal information of the item seller to the item buyer - we are not legally able to do this.
Warranties and Extended Warranties will not garner any additional buy-back value on used phone and tablet.
For New device, since warranty has not been registered, the buy-back value will varies depending on date of activation.
Our objective is to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience hence prices offered on our website is fixed.
We accept booking up to 7 days in advance. During these period, your used phone value will be locked and unaffected by any price change.
No problem. Simply drop us an SMS/Whatsapp at 9336 0575 and provide your registered name for us to proceed with cancellation.
We will verify the device at your place of convenience. Once checks is completed, we will pay you by cash on the spot.
You will be quoted on the spot a revise buy-back price. You can choose to accept revised value OR reject selling your device without any penalty.
SellUp never sells or shares any of your personal information unless you have specifically opted in to receive offers from our partners. Additionally, during our inspection process, all devices receive a full wipe and factory restoration. During the inspection, we also destroy any SIM or memory cards found in the device that our customers may have forgotten to take out.
Please Note: If you do forget to take out your memory card or SIM and your phone is sent to us, we will be unable to return the SIM or the memory card. In such a case, you have to self collect the items from our office.
If you can't find your device listed on our site, please make sure you are searching for the correct model. There are a few easy ways to do this:
  1. Look underneath the phone’s battery for the model number
  2. Turn on your phone and check the "Settings" menu / application. You should be able to find the make and model.
  3. If you have the original box or the user manual, the make and model will be printed on the box.

Our buyers are typically most interested in smartphones and electronics that are less than 2 years old, because these devices retain maximum value in the resale market. If your gadget is within this range but you still don't see it listed, it probably does not have enough resale value to make any profit. We know this can be disappointing, especially when you really value your item.

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