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Avoid Data Leak. Protect Your Business.

Protect your sensitive information by properly disposing of your hard drive media.

Avoid the risk of data breach by destroying the physical device before disposal.

Services Provided

Use powerful magnetic plus to destroy data
Device will be bend into 'V' shape
Device are physically destructed to small particles

Factory Restore Cannot Erase Data Completely

A Factory reset does not necessarily erase all data from a device.

Some data may remain on the device even after the reset is complete.

This data could potentially be accessed by someone with the right tools and knowledge.


Degaussing completely sanitizes the media of data in seconds by delivering a powerful magnetic pulse that instantly destroys all magnetic domains on the disk platters.

Permanently erasing data from working and non-working hard drives, tape, and floppy disks.

Benefits of Degaussing

100% guarantee removal of data from magnetic media

Effective on working and non-working hard drives

Complete data elimination in seconds

We offer both onsite and offsite options for your IT asset needs.


Physical storage crushing destroys data at the physical hard drive level.

Hard drive crusher breaks the magnetic platter and internal circuitry of each hard drive, making it beyond repair or recovery.

Benefits of Crushing

Fast & inexpensive way of destroying physical storage drives

Can be perform on device that is non-working, damaged and password locked

Destruction can be performed at your premises or within our service provider's secure facility


The metal and plastic of the hard drive is grinded into coin-sized particles, completely shredding the hard drives physically.

Benefits of Shredding

100% destroyed and achieved zero data leakage on your media storage devices

Can be perform on device that is non-working, damaged and password locked

Can be perform on-site and allow witness and verify destruction of your goods

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