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7 Easy Steps for a Germ-Free Smartphone


In our previous blog ‘What To Do Before Selling Your Smartphone’, one of the important steps is to clean your phone before handing it over to another person. By doing so, it will present your item as well-maintained and could increase the resale value. 

Even if you are not selling it away, it is still important to keep your smartphone hygiene and germ-free.

It may sound easy to clean a smartphone; simply by wiping with a cloth over it, but many may not know it does not remove the germs and bacteria that are hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

This step-by-step guide will help you achieve a germ-free condition for your smartphone.

Step 1: Remove any tempered glass/screen protector and phone cover.

We also recommend tempered glass or screen protector to change every 6 months. As this contact with surfaces (face, table, palm, etc) most frequently, it also contains the most germs and bacteria on it.

Remove back cover

Step 2: Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust and grime.

You can use a clean and dry soft-bristled toothbrush or even paintbrush to achieve the same results.

Use soft bristle brush to clean

Step 3: Use a dry cotton swab for the corners and edges. 

Use cotton swab on corners and edge

Step 4: Use a cleaning solution for the removal of oils and grease.

NEVER spray the phone directly. Do not over-wet the cloth.

Use Cleaning solution

Step 5: Use an anti-bacterial alcohol pad to clean the surface of the phone.

If you do not have it, simply use a damp cloth to clean it. We do not recommend using household antibacterial wipes as they can be abrasive which results in corrode and remove the protective coating on the glass. 

Use Alcohol Pad to disinfect

Step 6: Place the phone in an Ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizer

The ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of bacteria without using excessive heat or moisture that could damage electronics. 

This step is optional as many households do not have this device. However, if you are OCD (like us), you can purchase from Amazon or Lazada. (We are not affiliated or received any financial gain from these recommendations).

Ultraviolet light sanitizer remove 99.9% of germs

Step 7: Final cleaning with a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprint and smudge

This type of cleaning cloth may have come with your eyeglasses, phone, and other gadgets.

Use micro-fiber cloth for final cleaning

Important: Don’t forget to wipe down your headphones and cable, too.

Clean your accessories too!

A clean and sterile phone.

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