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Apple Announces Self Service Repair


In case you missed it last month, Apple has just announced that Self Service Repair will be launched in 2022. This innovative new service will allow Apple iPhone users the chance to undertake their own repairs with access to Apple’s genuine parts and tools.
This ground-breaking new opportunity will give those owners confident enough in their skills the chance to fix their own devices. Available initially for the iPhone 12 and 13 model ranges, Apple will then introduce Self Service Repair for Mac computers featuring M1 chips. It will be launched in America in early 2022 before expanding to other countries throughout the year.

Apple will allow Battery Replacement for selected models initially

What will Self Service Repair offer?

A broken iPhone can be an incredibly frustrating. From a battery that fails to charge to a broken screen, it can make your device unusable. Apple Self Service Repair is going to give customers more choice when it comes to repairing their phones.
The initial phase of the program is going to allow users to repair the most common areas of their phones. This includes installing a new screen, replacing their battery, and fixing the camera. Apple will then be offering increased repair opportunities later next year too.
In order to conduct the repairs, users will first need to check the Apple Repair Manual to understand the tools and parts required. From there, they will then be able to order the necessary items from the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store. If users then return their used parts back to Apple for recycling, they will then receive credit on their purchase.

Apple is giving their customer more channels to have their device fixed

Pros and cons of doing it yourself
While having the ability to repair your own phone is certainly beneficial, it is not without its downside. Apple has stated that Self Service Repair is primarily intended for technicians and individuals with the knowledge and experience of repairing electronic devices.
Of course, the biggest benefit of the new service is that phone owners will be able to repair their phones whenever they need to. This ability to fix your phone as soon as it breaks will minimize the disruption you face.
However, Apple Self Service Repair is not going to be suitable for the vast majority of owners. Repairing an iPhone or Mac computer requires an in-depth understanding of the device and technical know-how on how to fix it. Without this knowledge, it can be very difficult to repair the phone, and users may end up causing more damage that could prove irreparable. That is why Apple still recommends that users should still visit a professional repair service.

Find Certified Repair Tech
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Where to get your phone repaired
If you are not confident in repairing your iPhone yourself, then there are still many options available to you. Some of the most popular include:

Official Apple Store
Each Apple Store will also be able to help with repairs, with customers able to book a session at the Genius Bar.

Apple Authorized Service Providers
An Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) is a business that has been authorized by Apple to undertake repairs on all of its products.

Apple Independent Repair Provider
An Independent Repair Provider is a business that has been certified by Apple to conduct certain repairs on iPhones and Macs.
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