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Apple's MacBook Pro Showdown: M3 (2023) vs. M2 (2022) - What's New?

When it comes to selecting a top-notch laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro series is often at the forefront of consumers' minds.

With the recent unveiling of the M3 model in 2023, tech enthusiasts are eager to see how it stacks up against its predecessor, the M2 from 2022.

Let's take a dive into the upgrades and features that distinguish the two, in a way that even those not fluent in tech-speak can appreciate.
Apple roll out new processor - M3, M3 Pro and M3 Pro Max
Image Credits: Apple

Redesigning Excellence: The Aesthetic Leap

The visual differences between the MacBook Pro models are immediately noticeable. The M2's design was a blast from the past, echoing the 2016 aesthetic that lasted for seven years.

This model retained the controversial Touch Bar, which, despite its innovative intent, didn't win over the majority.

Fast forward to the MacBook Pro M3, and you'll find a design overhaul. The 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 borrows its look from the upscale previous generation but houses the new, more powerful chipset.
Weighing at approximately 1.54 kilograms, the new MacBook Pro M3 is slightly heavier than the M2's 1.36 kilograms. Despite the slight increase in weight, it maintains the slim profile we've come to expect from Apple. The M3's screen has also received a size boost to 14.2 inches, providing more real estate for your viewing pleasure.
However, not all design changes are without controversy. The introduction of a notch in the new MacBook Pro's display has sparked debate. While it houses a higher resolution FullHD camera, it disrupts the seamless design that Apple users love.

MacBook Pro M3 weighs slightly heavier at 1.54kg as compare to M2
Image Credits: MacDaily News

Sonic Enhancement: A Symphony in a Laptop

The M3 model promises an auditory revolution with its six-speaker system, which promises to deliver exceptional sound quality that rivals, and potentially surpasses, many standalone speakers.

The M2's decent sound output is eclipsed by the M3's fuller, more balanced acoustics.

M3 comes with six-speaker system
Image Credits: Apple

Typing Perfection: The Keyboard Evolution
The MacBook Pro M3’s keyboard is not just about aesthetics; the black keys set against a black background signify a deeper change. The new model offers improved key travel, which enhances typing accuracy and provides an intuitive experience, a significant step up from the M2's already improved mechanism.

The inclusion of Touch ID is Apple's signature feature to eliminate the need to remember passwords. It gives you a fast, easy, and secure way to unlock your Mac and sign in to apps and sites. 

Better keyboard
Image Credits: Apple

A Subtle Shade of Power: Color Options
In terms of colors, both the M2 and M3 models are available in Silver and Space Gray. However, with an upgrade to the M3's higher-spec processors, you can opt for the new Space Black, a subtle but stylish twist to the traditional color palette.

MacBook Pro M3 comes in Space Black
Space Black

Display and Vision: A Brighter Outlook
The M3's screen is where the "Pro" in MacBook Pro truly shines. The 14.2-inch mini-LED Super Retina XDR display is not just larger but offers an enhanced resolution and brightness.

With a peak of 1600 nits for HDR content and a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, the visual experience is smoother and more vibrant.

The M2's respectable 13.3-inch display now seems lackluster in comparison, despite its previously impressive 500 nits of brightness and 2560 x 1600 resolution.

Sharper and deeper contrast for MacBook M3 screen
Image Credits: Apple

Processing Power: The Heart of the Machine
The M3 chip represents a leap in technology, crafted with TSMC's latest 3nm manufacturing process. This allows for a more efficient and powerful chip, packing 25 billion transistors compared to the M2's 20 billion. The M3's CPU cores boast up to 30% faster speeds, translating into noticeable performance improvements.

M3 is taking a big leap in the processing power
Image Credits: Apple

Graphical Prowess: Gaming and Beyond
For the gamers and creatives, the M3's GPU is a game-changer. Apple's new architecture introduces dynamic caching and hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading.

These advancements ensure compatibility with the latest games and software, pushing the MacBook Pro M3 into a new realm of possibility.

M3 GPU now support the latest games and software
Gameplay on M3 is smooth and support stunning graphic
Image Credits: Brian Heater

Neural Engine: Smarter and Quicker
The M3 also sports a new Neural Engine, which is about 60% faster than the one in the M1, narrowing the performance gap with the M2. This upgrade means AI-related tasks, such as photo and video editing, are significantly quicker and more efficient.

Photo and video editing on M3 is now quicker and more efficient
Image Credits: Apple

Cooling System: Keeping It Chill
Both MacBook Pros employ active cooling systems, but the M3 is expected to maintain optimal temperature with a single fan, a testament to the efficiency of the new chip.

Memory and Storage: More Room, More Speed
Both models start with 8GB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 24GB. However, the base internal storage sees a bump in the M3, starting at 512GB compared to the M2's 256GB, making room for more data and faster access.

Port Possibilities: Connectivity Enhanced
The M2's limited port options have been a pain point for many users.The M3 addresses this by expanding its connectivity offerings. It includes more Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, an HDMI port, and an SDXC card slot, giving users more flexibility and reducing the need for dongles and adapters.

More ports, more efficiency
Image Credits: Apple

Battery Life: Endurance Meets Efficiency
The M3 model boasts an enhanced battery life, thanks to the efficiency of the 3nm chip process. While the M2 already offered a commendable battery life, the M3 extends this further, promising all-day usage without reaching for the charger.

Sustainability: A Greener Apple
Apple continues to emphasize environmental friendliness, and the MacBook Pro M3 is no exception. It's crafted using recycled materials, and the company's commitment to carbon neutrality extends to the energy used in manufacturing.

Pricing: The Cost of Innovation
With all these advancements, the M3 comes at a premium. While the M2 was already considered a significant investment, the M3's price reflects its position as a cutting-edge device in Apple's lineup.

MacBook Pro M3 14-inch pricing in Singapore
  • MacBook Pro 14 (M3 8-Core CPU + 10-core GPU, 8GB Memory, 512GB SSD) – S$2,299
  • MacBook Pro 14 (M3 8-Core CPU + 10-core GPU, 8GB Memory, 1TB SSD) – S$2,599
  • MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Pro 11-Core CPU + 14-core GPU, 18GB Memory, 512GB SSD) – S$2,899
  • MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Pro 12-Core CPU + 18-core GPU, 18GB Memory, 1TB SSD) – S$3,499
  • MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Pro 14-Core CPU + 30-core GPU, 36GB Memory, 1TB SSD) – S$4,699
MacBook Pro M3 16-inch pricing in Singapore
  • MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro 12-Core CPU + 18-core GPU, 18GB Memory, 512GB SSD) – S$3,599
  • MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro 12-Core CPU + 18-core GPU, 36GB Memory, 512GB SSD) – S$4,199
  • MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro 14-Core CPU + 30-core GPU, 36GB Memory, 1TB SSD) – S$5,099
  • MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro 16-Core CPU + 40-core GPU, 48GB Memory, 1TB SSD) – S$5,849

Concluding Thoughts
The MacBook Pro M3 is a compelling testament to Apple's dedication to innovation and user experience.

While the M2 was a powerhouse, the M3 elevates the standard for professional-grade laptops, catering to the needs of professionals, creators, and everyday users alike.

If you're in the market for a laptop that marries performance with a sleek design, the M3 is an investment that promises to pay dividends in efficiency and satisfaction.

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