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Can You Fix A Cracked Screen With Toothpaste?

The bane of all smartphone owners' existence: a cracked phone screen. An unexpected drop on the pavement, a random collision in the pocket, or just an unlucky incident can all result in the dreaded cracked screen.
Unfortunately, the fix for this issue can sometimes mean a more expensive fix. So many phone owners wonder: is there an alternative to these pricey fixes?
There have been stories circulating that household ingredients can be used to fill in and fix the cracks in a smartphone screen. But we hate to break it to you, but most isn't quite as magical as it seems.

Let's look at some of the top phone screen repair myths - and see if these rumors hold some truth to it. 

Can you fix phone screen with toothpaste?

Unfortunately, no. Firstly, toothpaste is not an adhesive material, which means it cannot bond the cracked parts of the phone screen back together.

Secondly, toothpaste does not have the same physical properties as the glass used in phone screens. Toothpaste is a soft material and can be easily wiped away, whereas phone screens are made from a hard, durable material that can withstand pressure and impacts. Applying toothpaste to a cracked phone screen will not provide any structural support or reinforcement to the damaged area.

Lastly, toothpaste may contain abrasive particles that can scratch and damage the phone screen further, making the problem worse.

In summary, toothpaste is not suitable for fixing a crack phone screen due to its lack of adhesive properties, differences in physical properties, and the potential for further damage.

Using toothpaste to fix phone screen
A common myth is to use toothpaste to fix crack screen

Can you fix cracked phone screen with eraser?

Similarly, no evidence suggests that using an eraser could fix a cracked phone screen. The chemicals found in the rubber of an eraser are not meant for electronic repairs and would likely do more damage than good.

Eraser will caused more damage to your screen
Eraser will caused more damage to your screen

Can you fix cracked phone screen with nail polish?

Nail polish is another widely believed myth in repairing phone screens. However, the chemicals found in nail polish remover (such as acetone) can be corrosive and could damage the components of your device.

Moreover, nail polish can crack, peel, or chip over time, which can make the crack in the phone screen more visible and may even make the damage worse. Additionally, nail polish may contain chemicals that can damage the phone screen or cause an adverse reaction with the screen material.

Using nail polish to fix cracked screen is a no-no
Using nail polish to fix cracked screen is a no-no

Does baking soda fix a cracked screen?

Baking soda should never be used to fix a cracked phone screen. It is an abrasive material that can scratch and damage the phone screen further, making the problem worse. Additionally, baking soda may react with the screen material or any chemicals present in the phone, causing further damage or adverse effects.

Baking soda is abrasive
Baking soda is abrasive and will scratch the screen further

The Best Ways To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

As you can see, trying to go a DIY route without the proper experience and knowledge is not wise. The safest option for a phone screen repair is to take your device to a professional technician who can assess the damage, offer alternatives, and provide you with high-quality service that will ensure your device works correctly.

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