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How To Backup iPhone and iPad?


There are many good reasons why you should back up your iPhone or iPad regularly. 

In this digital age, we are pretty much dependent on our electronic devices to store our valuable data and information. These devices contain essential contacts, photos, notes, and even personal documents. 

In the unfortunate event that the device is lost or stolen, many users might find themselves at a loss, especially if the data are not backup.

One such incident was reported when a mom lost her iPhone containing photos of her kids.

Also, a device back up is essential when transferring to another phone or performing a factory reset.

This guide will show you two ways to back up your data and settings on Apple iPhone and iPad using iCloud or iTunes. 

How To Backup with iCloud

1. Connect your device to Wi-Fi network

Connect device to iCloud

2. Go To Settings And Tap On Your Apple ID

Select your Apple ID

3. Select iCloud and Tap > iCloud Backup

Tap iCloud Backup

4. Tap > Back Up Now

Tap on Back Up Now

5. Completed!

How To Backup with iTunes

1. Update To The Latest Version of iTunes

2. Connect your device to computer with a USB cable. Click 'Continue' if it is the first time your are connecting it to your computer.

Connect device to computer

3. Select your iPhone or iPad icon when it appears in iTunes

Select your device when shown on iTunes

4. Unlocked your device passcode if there is one. 

5. Select 'This Computer' in the Backups section. 

Reminder: Ensure your device are plug into a power source and stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process complete. 

6. Completed!

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