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How To Find Device Name

1. Check the box
Check the back of your box to locate the device name.

2. Check your phone setting

Go to Settings or Options menu, check 'About Phone' or 'About Device' or similar. 
Check Phone Name In Setting

3. Check your invoice or receipt

Authorised retailers will issue an invoice or receipt with the model name in it. You can also check your mailbox if you receive via email. 

4. Check the Bluetooth name

Turn on the Bluetooth on the device you selling and connect to a second smartphone. Your device name will appear on the Bluetooth menu of the second smartphone. 
Check Phone Name Using Bluetooth

5. Google your device Part Number

Perform a search in Google for your device part number. Your device name will show up on Google search result. 

Check Phone Part No. On Box
Locate the device part number on the box. 

Key in Google Search
Key in the part number in Google Search Bar. 

Google Result Showing Your Device Na,e

The result page will display your device name. 

6. Identifying iPhone model

Need to identify which iPhone you have? Check out Apple’s excellent support page on the subject, which includes information like the colors, model numbers, capacities and release date.

Range Of iPhone

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