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How SellUp Works?


If you are looking to sell your used or new electronic devices, you have come to the right place. Online ReCommerce, SellUp, provides an easy and convenient way to sell your mobile phone in a few simple steps.

1. Find your phone / tablet model

Choose the category of the electronic devices that you want to sell. Search by the model name or simple key in the model name in the Search Bar. 

SellUp search bar

2. Evaluate your phone’s condition

Next, choose the condition that best describe your device external and working condition. There are images provided as a guide to assist you.

3. Instant quotation

Once you have completed the evaluation, you have an option to walk-in to our dealer's store or make an appointment for on-site collection.  

After deciding your selling option, you will be offer with a list of buy-back price from SellUp Certified Dealers. These dealers are Registered Secondhand Dealers in Singapore. This will ensure our users are dealing with reputable and genuine buyers. 

4. Walk-in or On-Site Pickup? Which is better?

Both options are cater to difference needs of our users. 

For seller who wish to cash out immediately, you may want to opt for walk-in. 
Simply book an appointment online and make your way to the store. Once your device is check and verify as describe, you will be paid on the spot. 

If you have a busy schedule, use our convenience on-site pick up service which require one day advance booking. The dealer will arrive at your designated place to perform the transaction. Payment is made on the spot too.

$1,379,915 Cash Payout and counting

SellUp Core Values

We believes in honesty and customer satisfaction. That is why we provides On-The-Spot cash payment during transaction. We want to ensure the full transparency and hassle-free experience when you sell your electronic devices while offering the best value.

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Need help?

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