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How SellUp works


If you are looking to sell your used mobile phone, you have come to the right place! SellUp provides an easy and convenient way to sell your mobile phone in a few simple steps.

1. Find your phone model

Once you enter the website, key in the phone model in the Search Bar provided, example ‘iPhone 7, iPhone X, Samsung S8’ and select the relevant model that you want to sell.

2. Evaluate your phone’s condition

Answer a few questions in regards to your phone external and working condition. There are images provided as a guide to determine which grade your phone belongs to.

3. Instant quotation

Once you have completed the evaluation, you will be shown the buy-back value of your used phone.

4. Select pick-up date and time

Proceed to provide your pick-up address and select an available date and time that is convenient for you.

5. On-site verification and payment

On the day of pick-up, ensure your phone battery is charge and password/iCloud unlocked.
Our agent will check and verify your phone on the spot, and if it is as described, you will receive cash immediately.

Did you know?

SellUp is the only used phone buy-back service that provides on-the-spot cash payment at your doorstep. We want to ensure the full transparency and hassle-free experience when you sell your used phone while offering you the best value.

Need help?

Let us know if you have any queries on our service. Whatsapp or call us at 9336 0575 or email us at

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