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How To Prevent Screen Burn-In?


OLED screen offer a wide range of advantages including better contrast, higher brightness, wider color range and fuller viewing angle.

But there is one BIG drawback of OLED - it is potential for ‘image retention’ or static ‘ghost’ image that burn into the screen.

Burn-in effect on a white background
Burn-In effects on a white background

What is screen burn-in? 

Despite the name “burn-in’, there is no actual burning or heat involved.

This term is used to describe a permanent discoloration across any part of the panel. 

Persistent images or ghost images may show on the screen and becomes visible at all times, regardless of what app you open.

This may take the form of a text or image outline, fading of colors, or other noticeable patches or patterns on display. 

Ghost image of navigation bar
Navigation Bar permanently display on the screen
Static menu bar on screen
Another screen with menu bar 'ghost' image burn-in 
Dark shade on green background
Dark shadow especially obvious on a green background

What causes screen burn?

The prolonged use of static images creates a permanent shadow or ghost of that image on the screen.  

When not refresh regularly, the static image caused the pixel on the screen to age faster than others, contributes to the risk of burn-in.  

Can I fix screen burn-in? 

The answer is, ‘No.’ 

Many app developers claimed their software allows burn-in to ‘disappear’ or ‘fix.’  

Some will flash multiple colors on the screen for hours, and some invert the colors underneath the burn-in, so-called 'clearing' the visibility of the damage. 

By doing so, the app is trying to 'burn-out' the good pixel in order to match the color tone of the already damage pixel. This is not only accelerate the usage lifespan of the screen but also reduce the battery efficiency. 

Some users reported permanent screen damage after using these tools.

Hence we DO NOT encourage you to try these software. 

Can it be avoided? 

There is no ‘sure way’ remedy for screen discoloration; the best bet is prevention.

A general thumb of rule - DO NOT leave a static image on the screen 24/7 with the brightness set at max!

Manufacturers are also well aware of the issue and have implemented built-in app to reduce the burn-in issue. 

1. Use Immersive Mode

One common burn-in screen is the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen 

Once you activate the Immersive mode, it hides the bar, so static icons won’t be displayed. 

You may also use a transparent navigation bar or app drawer options. 

Activate the Immersive mode

2. Auto-brightness 

Reducing screen brightness is one good way to prevent the aging of the pixel on your screen. 

Turning on this function allow the phone screen to adjust accordingly for optimal use

This prevents your screen from maxed out at all times. 
Adjusting screen brightness

3. Screen timeout/screen saver

Automatically turns off your screen when not in use
Turn on screen saver

4. Change wallpaper

Use a black wallpaper. Using bright and colorful wallpaper permanently on display increases the burn-in effect. 

5. Use dark mode

iPhone introduces dark mode recently. 

Other advantages include reducing strain to the eyes and conserve battery life.

Choose a keyboard that offers a darker theme to prevent color degradation in the lower half of the display. 
Use dark mode

6. Navigation app

If you use a navigation app (Google map, Waze, etc.) for long hours, pick a theme that doesn’t have a lot of bright static user interface elements. 

We recommend to use a GPS instead. It is cheaper than to repair your Samsung Note 10 or iPhone XS screen. 

So what do I do if I need to get it fixed? 

Unfortunately, burn-in screen is not covered under warranty, and the manufacturer will not have it replace or repair.

The next best option is to have the OLED display replaced. 

However, replacing the OLED can be costly, typically cost from $170 and above. Due to the high cost, you may want to consider using it as a spare phone. 


Hopefully, all these tips will help to you avoid or at least delay the effect of burn-in effect on your screen.

In the inevitable scenario that you really need to have the screen replace, SellUp provides on-site OLED replacement at the comfort of your home or office. Check out our service and make an appointment with our experience repair specialist. 

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