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Nintendo Switch OLED Review


Since its release in 2017, the portable Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the gaming world. Earlier this year, fans of the console were treated to an all-new upgraded version, the Nintendo Switch OLED. What is this new device, though, and is it worth buying?

Playing Nintendo Switch OLED in handheld mode
Nintendo Switch allow playing in handheld mode 

What’s new with the Nintendo Switch OLED?

While the new OLED device does offer an upgrade compared to the previous editions, it is not the long-awaited Nintendo Switch Pro. It does, however, offer users an array of upgrades, which Is led by the new and larger 7-inch screen.

This offers gamers a much larger screen compared to the 6.2-inch screen of the original device. To help take the gaming experience to the next level, the Nintendo Switch OLED also offers a wider kickstand as well as superior speakers.
The all-new device also features increased internal storage, allowing users to enjoy even more games. It also comes with a revised dock and a new built-in wired LAN port.
Although the device features a host of new upgrades, users do not need to worry about compatibility. Previous generation games are able to be played on the device, ensuring all existing games can still be enjoyed.
What are some of the most popular games?
There is a huge array of games available for the Nintendo Switch OLED, with some of the most popular including:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This edition of the iconic Legend of Zelda brand takes the franchise to completely new heights. Players are able to travel across the incredible kingdom of Hyrule, completing missions and exploring the region.
Zelda fighting monsters
Mario Kart 8
Hit the road and play with friends anywhere at any time with the definitive racing game, Mario Kart 8. Packed with a host of tracks, gamers can race with up to three other players.
Mario Kart is a great party game
Splatoon 2
This third-person shooter can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes and sees users taking control of a host of characters as they work through each fun-filled level.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
One of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing sees gamers take control of a unique avatar as they turn a deserted island into the home of their dreams!
create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Considered one of the all-time best crossover fighting games, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate is the fifth installment of this epic game and lets users choose from 89 fighters.
Choose from 89 fighters to claim your top spot in this exciting fighting game

What’s lacking in the OLED model?
While the new device does offer an upgrade, there are still certain things missing. The primary factor being the lack of 4k resolution in the screen. The processor is also the same as previous editions, meaning the device also features the same power levels as previous models.

Looking to upgrade?
While it is lacking certain upgrades that fans were hoping for, the OLED is still the most advanced version of the console to date. So if you are looking to trade in your existing device and upgrade to this awesome new version, SellUp is here to help you.
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