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Should you upgrade your iPhone 7 to iPhone SE (2020)?


With the recent launch of iPhone SE (2020), will be known as iPhone SE in this article, many iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users may be contemplating if they should upgrade their device to the latest model. 

In this article, we compare and breakdown the difference in performance and features with iPhone 7. We hope to provide the user with a clearer picture if there is a good reason to upgrade their handset. 

iPhone SE in Black, White and Red
Apple recently announced the second-generation iPhone SE, (Not to be confused with the older model SE launch in 2016 together with iPhone 7) as a budget phone in their line-up.

The word ‘budget’ is subjective, depending on which phone you are comparing. Among all the Apple models, iPhone SE is considered cheaper than the rest. If you look at the retail price below, you may still find a sign of relief that the 256GB is below a thousand dollar mark.

SRP for iPhone SE:
64GB ($649)
128GB ($719)
256GB ($889)

What this means is that telco can bundle this phone free for some top tier plans for mobile line sign-up. 

Weight: 138g vs. 148g

iPhone SE uses a glass back, and this material increases the weight of the phone to 148g. iPhone 7 weighs at 138g as they are using Aluminium material for the back.

So how much is the 10g difference? It is like holding a single AAA battery (11.5g) in your hand. Not much significant, in my opinion. 

Chassis: Aluminum back vs. Glass back

Apple first introduced glass material to iPhone 4 when it was released in 2010. The Glass back looks stunning and beautiful, and it feels good in your hand. Also, it allows radio waves to pass through hence permitting wireless charging. However, the con is that the iPhone SE is still susceptible to scratch and breaks, both front and back. 

Screen size: 4.7 inch

Both phones have a 4.7” screen size. This size is better suited for one-hand use, so it’s easy to use your thumb to reach from the home button to each corner of the screen. 
Women holding a iPhone SE

Home Button: Touch ID 

I am a big fan of a home button for unlocking the device, rather than the face scanners. iPhone SE retains the fingerprint scanner, which always worked quickly and reliably. Of course, it is also a big cost-saver comparing having a face scanner. 

Retina HD Display 

Retina display was first introduced by Steve Jobs when he launched the iPhone 4 (Yes, iPhone 4 has many technologies still being used to date).

He explains that Retina display allows many pixels to be packed close together within a screen. And if you place the phone at a distance of 12 inches (a length of a 30cm long ruler), you wouldn’t see individual pixels; just the image those pixels created.

In other words, the image on your phone will be much smoother and more vibrant. iPhone SE uses the 750 x 1334 pixels, the same resolution as iPhone 7.

Performance: A10 vs. A13

Apple iPhone SE has a 1.8x faster CPU and 2.8x better in the graphic processor than iPhone 7. It is using the same chipset as iPhone 11 Pro.

According to Apple, launching apps will feel fluid and gives a performance boost when playing graphic-intensive games or using augmented reality. 


iPhone SE camera comes with a Portrait mode that does gives an excellent selfie shot even with only a 7MP front-facing camera. Having the Portrait mode is probably the only change in the camera feature as compare to iPhone 7. 
iPhone SE back camera

Network speed 

iPhone SE also boasts a faster network speed, and an increase in Wi-Fi speeds up to 38%. The increase in performance will be significant to users who rely heavily on remote access to get their work done. 

Wireless charging 

If you are someone who hates wires (who doesn’t), iPhone SE has the solution. The phone has a wireless charging capability that allows fast-charging and can charge up to 50% of its battery power in 30 minutes. Do note the wireless charger is sold separately. 

SIM Card: Single vs. Dual  

This feature is a game-changer for many users to upgrade their single SIM phone to iPhone SE. 

The new model allows two different phone numbers on a single phone by using a physical Nano-Sim and the other number using eSIM. 


iPhone 7 users might feel disappointed that iPhone SE comes in only three colors - Black, White, Red. The former model comes in a wide variety of colors - Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Red. 


Over these years, Apple has introduced many new technologies and features on the higher-end model. And to keep the iPhone SE cost as low as possible, only essential upgrades are added to this new phone. It allows user to have a compact phone which is pack with powerful specs yet does not burn a hole in their pocket. 

The good news is that some telcos are bundling iPhone SE free with their contact mobile plan. Otherwise, you may choose to sell your existing iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and use the money to cover the cost for your new set. 

In terms of technologies, there are not many huge leaps between iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. However, the little improvements may give some users the push to ditch their current phone for an overdue upgrade. 

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