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Where To Sell Used Phone


'E-commerce scams on online marketplace app jumped 136 percent in the first half of 2018'

'Number of criminal cases went up to 16,460'

'Majority involved electronic items' 

'After receiving the mobile phones, the suspect discontinued the online transfers and remained uncontactable.'

These news are commonly reported as the number of transaction over internet increase, especially with the popularity of marketplace app. What actually is a Marketplace platform? 

Marketplace Platform

Also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) platform offers seller and buyer to negotiate and transacts without paying any form of fees, which also means there is no proper regulation to ensure you are transacting in a safe and scam-free environment. 

Understand the Risks

Not only seller need to beware of scammers, but many are also met with unruly buyers who are late, or worse did not turn up for meet up. Imagine traveling to a distance only to find out the buyer changes his/her mind, wasting time and effort just to sell a used phone. And if you able to meet up with the buyer, there is still the negotiation phase where the buyer may scrutinize the device in order to bargain for a lower price. And finally, when you think the process is complete and sold your phone away, there is a chance buyer wants to return the phone back citing fault occurs after a few days of usage.

Is It Worth My Time?

There are countless incident where the selling on marketplace can be a traumatized experience. Of course, some of these cases are an extreme example of what may happen, but it is necessary to take all these risks to sell a used phone?

Is There A Better Way To Sell?

Instead of having to go through all these hassles, SellUp provides an honest and transparent service that allows you to sell your used phone effortless. 
Simply check the value of your used phone by answering a few questions and get a quote instantly. Once you are agreeable to the price, proceed to make an appointment for us to collect at your home or office. Our agent will verify the phone on-the-spot and if your phone is as described, we will pay you cash immediately. This process is risk-free and the transaction takes place at a safe and convenient location. 

Risk-Free Selling

You are able to lock in your phone value up to 7 days. During these period, you can transfer the data to your new phone and ensure all information are properly port over. The offered price will not change even there is a decrease in phone value. 

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