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The Top 10 New Features in MacOS Sonoma

Apple's latest MacOS update, Sonoma, is here, and it's packed with exciting new features designed to enhance your Mac experience.

From stunning screen savers to robust privacy measures, MacOS Sonoma is all about elevating functionality and user experience.

Let's explore the top 10 features that make MacOS Sonoma a must-have update.

1. Screen Savers

MacOS Sonoma introduces breathtaking screen savers featuring slow-motion videos of iconic locations around the world, including the skyline of Dubai and Yosemite National Park.

You can shuffle these stunning visuals by themes like Landscape, Earth, Underwater, or Cityscape, adding an aesthetic appeal to your Mac when it's idle.

Enjoy slow-motion screen saver of iconic scenery

2. Widgets

Widgets on MacOS Sonoma are now interactive and can be placed right on your desktop. This feature allows you to complete tasks, control media playback, and access home controls directly from the widget.

Widgets intelligently adapt their color based on your desktop's background, ensuring they blend seamlessly into your workspace.

Interactive widgets right on your desktop
Image Credits: MacRumors

3. Video Conferencing Enhancements

Video conferencing on MacOS Sonoma gets a major upgrade with features like Presenter Overlay, allowing you to remain visible while sharing your screen.

The update also includes reactions and gestures, a new video menu bar item for easier management, and improved screen sharing capabilities.

Present your slides while remain visible
Image Credits: Apple

4. Safari: More Than Just a Browser

Safari in MacOS Sonoma is more robust and user-friendly. It now allows you to create profiles for different activities like work or personal use, with separate histories, cookies, and extensions for each.

Enhancements in privacy features, including advanced tracker blocking, make browsing safer and more secure.

More enhancement to tracker block
Image Credits: AppleInsider

5. Password and Passkey Sharing

Sharing passwords becomes more secure and convenient with MacOS Sonoma. You can now share passwords with your closest contacts and even create a group for shared passwords.

The update also brings one-time verification code autofill from Mail, streamlining the login process.

Create a group for shared passwords

6. Messages: More Interactive and Functional

The Messages app gets significant improvements, including stickers, enhanced search filters, and a new catch-up arrow to jump to the first unread message in a group conversation.

Audio message functionality is also enhanced, with options for pausing and resuming recordings and playing them back at faster speeds.

More stickers and functionality enhancement on Messages app

7. PDFs: Intelligent Form Detection

MacOS Sonoma introduces intelligent form detection for PDFs. Fillable documents and forms are now automatically recognized across the system, including in Mail and scanned documents, making it easier to manage and fill out PDF forms.

Filling up form is easier on PDF now

8. Notes: Enhanced for Better Organization

The Notes app gets useful upgrades like inline PDFs and document scans, linked notes for connecting ideas, and new formatting options like block quotes and monostyled text.

These enhancements make organizing and referencing notes more efficient and visually appealing.

More efficient and visually appealing notes

9. Keyboard: Smarter and More Intuitive

The keyboard in MacOS Sonoma offers inline predictive text, improved autocorrect accuracy, and enhanced sentence corrections.

These features are designed to make typing faster and more accurate, adapting to your personal writing style over time.

AI to helps with your typing
Image Credits: AppleInsider

10. Privacy and Security: A Top Priority

MacOS Sonoma strengthens its focus on privacy and security. Features like an embedded photo picker for apps, add-only calendar permission, enhanced app privacy labels, and lockdown mode provide users with more control over their data and privacy.

More control on privacy


 MacOS Sonoma is a significant update that focuses on enhancing the user experience, security, and functionality. Whether it's the interactive widgets, the improved video conferencing features, or the robust security measures, MacOS Sonoma offers something for every Mac user.

This update is not just about new features; it's about making your Mac experience more personalized, efficient, and secure.

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