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Used Smartphone Buy-Back Trend (August 2019)


Every month we put together the TOP TEN mobile phones being sold through SellUp. We hope this guide will provide you a price guide of the most traded-in smartphone in Singapore monthly. The table also provides a comparison of buy-back price from the previous month.

Buy-Back Trend July to August
*The average buy-back price is based on SellUp collection from local sets and Grade A condition (No dent, no scratch and in working condition) 

Current Trend

Buy-back price in August generally has dropped in value across all brands. Value depreciate most noticeable on Android phones, with Google Pixel 2 XL see a drastic value fallen by $80; that is a 30% loss in value from the previous month. 
Apple smartphone holds the depreciation value pretty well, with a $10-$30 dropped in prices across their models. The only exception is iPhone XS (64GB), which has the value plummet another $50 lower. However, given the model is almost a year since launch, having to sell it at $910 (SRP $1,649) is still a reasonable sum. 

Image of iPhone XS 64GB
Samsung Galaxy Note series was officially available in Singapore in 3rd week of August. We see a spike of Samsung user selling their sets in exchange for cash to upgrade to the new model.

We noticed a high volume of S10+ users selling their devices to upgrade to Note 10. A convincing guess is that S10+ screen size is quite similar to Note 10 (6.4” vs. 6.3”), allowing a seamless experience in switching the device. 
Image of Samsung Note 10
We are also excited about the new lineup of iPhones that will announce on 10th September 2019. We are expecting a pent-up demand from Apple users who longs to upgrade their devices. Finger-crossed that Apple will bring some surprises to their fans. 

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