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Used Smartphone Buy-Back Trend (December 2019)


Every month we put together the TOP TEN mobile phones being sold through SellUp. We hope this guide will provide you a price guide of the most traded-in smartphone in Singapore monthly.

The table also provides a comparison of buy-back price from the previous month.

Top Buy-Back Chart
*The average buy-back price is based on SellUp collection from local sets and Grade A condition (No dent, no scratch and in working condition) 

Current Trend

After being on the top spot for three consecutive months, iPhone X has finally dethroned as the top buy-back model.

However, the reason for not getting the top spot is not due to the buy-back price. The buy-back price for iPhone X has, in fact, increase $10, from $460 to $470.

The increase in price has indicated there is still a strong demand in the market for iPhone X. 

iPhone X Image
iPhone X comes in 64GB or 256GB. Available in Silver or Space Grey color. 
Taking the top spot is the iPhone 8 Plus (64GB).  This model was first announced in Sept 2017.

Given a two-year upgrading cycle, we expect many iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sellers looking to sell their devices in the first half of 2020. 

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has several improvements over its predecessor. Firstly, it switches to glass bodies that enable wireless charging, the first Apple model that allows this ‘cable-free’ charging. Moreover, the material used for iPhone 8 is dubbed as the ‘most durable glass’ ever in a smartphone. 

Secondly, it upgraded the processor and included a 12-megapixel camera. It is also the last iPhone that consists of a Touch ID Home button.

For users who prefer a physical home button, this is the model to have. 
iPhone 8 wireless charging
iPhone 8 wireless charging pad sold separately.
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) took the second spot in December, holding the buy-back price steadily with only a $30 difference in price.

iPhone 7 Plus launched three years ago, in 2016, which was well-received by consumers. Although Apple decided to ditch the earphone jack on this model, it does not deter Apple fans from snapping up stocks when it hits the retails.  

We wanted to find out the buy-back price difference between iPhone 7 Plus as compare to other Android phone, below is the comparison: 

iPhone 7 Plus (128GB)             - $330 
Samsung 8+     (64GB)             - $180
Samsung Note 8 (64GB)           - $210 
Google 2XL     (128GB)             - $150
Huawei Mate 10 Pro (128GB)    - $130

We realized Apple is commending a 40 – 50% resale value above the Android competitors.

This result does not indicate Android is inferior in specification but shows the popularity of Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the used phone market. 

Two Android models made it to the list, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Mate 20X.

Both prices remain steady in Dec, and we do not foresee any significant drop in price in the coming months. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung flagship model - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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