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Used Smartphone Buy-Back Trend (January 2020)


Every month we put together the TOP TEN mobile phones being sold through SellUp. We hope this guide will provide you a price guide of the most traded-in smartphone in Singapore monthly.

The table also provides a comparison of buy-back price from the previous month.

*The average buy-back price is based on SellUp collection from local sets and Grade A condition (No dent, no scratch and in working condition) 

Current Trend

The top spot for the highest volume of buy-back in January came as a surprise to us. iPhone XS Max (256GB) was nowhere in the top ten spots for the past two months. However, we received a high demand of customers selling the 256GB model in January. 

The buy-back price was relatively consistent at $800 throughout January, and it shows that the secondary market is starting to look out for under $1000 range with a large screen size smartphone.

We foresee this trend to continue for months to come.      

iPhone XS Max featured a 6.5 inch All-Screen Design. 
iPhone XS Max featured a 6.5 inch All-Screen Design. 
iPhone 7 Plus remains a hot favorite among countries like Indonesian and Vietnam. We also noticed a spike in the offered price for iPhone 7 Plus (128GB).

The high demand for this model is because replacement parts can be acquired at a low cost.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are still using an LED panel, which is much cheaper, as compared to an OLED panel used in iPhone X and newer models.

There are already rumors that Apple has started assembling a low-cost model to target price-conscious customers. A cheaper offering may help Apple better compete in the most price competitive and fast-growing emerging phone markets, particularly India.

And of course it will allow those holding on to iPhone 6 and 7 to upgrade their devices.      
iPhone 7 Plus in multiple color line up. 
iPhone 7 Plus in multiple color line up. 
Samsung Galaxy S series remains a popular buy-back model due to many customers are replacing them with the newer model, such as S10+ and Note 10.     

We do not see a significant price drop in most Samsung models; however, we do notice a reduction in volume for selling off S7 models in January.       
As the resale price of S7 eroded, many used phone buyer finds that repair of S7 OLED display can be costly, if not, even higher cost than the device itself.

This results in low demand for S7 and S7 Edge in the secondary market. We foresee such a problem continue if OLED screen price does not decrease significantly in the coming months.      

2020 will be an exciting year for customers who have been holding on to their phones and waiting for good reasons to change their devices.
Manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei will be launching mobile sets that include 5G connectivity, 3D cameras, and sleeker design.
Also, finally, Apple is launching affordable phones without paying an arm and a leg for it.      

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