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Used Smartphone Trade-In Trend (April to May 2019)


Eyeing on the latest smartphone and thinking of an upgrade soon? Selling your used phone is the best option to get the extra cash back to substitute part of the cost of the new phone. 

This guide will give you a glimpse of the most traded-in smartphone in Singapore from April to May 2019. Most importantly, you can see the difference in the buy-back value of both months. 

Used Smartphone trade-in chart
*The average buy-back price is based on SellUp collection from local consumers and Grade A condition (No dent, no scratch and in working condition) 

Current Trend

Apple iPhone price slide lower as we see more sell off in the month of May. We see an increase sell off for iPhone 7 across different storage sizes, particularly iPhone 7 (128GB). 

Huawei buy-back came to a halt when Google cuts off Huawei phone from future Android updates. This create a panic in the resale market for Huawei as buyers are afraid of facing the possibilities of getting a bricked phone. Also all phone traders stop taking in Huawei phone since the announcement. 

US ban Huawei
We notice an increase in buy-back of Samsung S8 and S9. This may due to an upgrade to S10 or S10+.  We foresee more sell off in the month of June for these two models and price will erode further. 

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