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Where to Sell Your Old Game Console in Singapore?

Have you set your sights on the PlayStation 5? The latest generation console from Sony has been hotly anticipated for years, and its launch in November sparked a flurry of activity around the world.

In fact, such was the demand for this new console that in America, there were more pre-orders made in 12 hours for the PlayStation 5 as there were in 12 weeks for its predecessor

This record-breaking demand might have meant that the console sold out in its opening weeks, but Sony is ramping up production, ensuring everyone can enjoy this incredible new gaming platform.

Of course, with prices for the PlayStation 5 starting at S$729, it is a costly investment to enjoy the next generation of games.

Selling your existing games console is a great way to help you quickly raise the required cash to purchase the PlayStation 5.

However, finding the right partner to sell your console is essential to ensuring you can get the maximum amount of money.

Five places to sell your PlayStation 5

If you are looking to sell your existing games console in Singapore, there are many options available, with five of the most popular including:

1. Carousell

Carousell is a popular platform across Singapore for both selling your existing products as well as purchasing used items. Launched in 2012, users can buy and sell items through the website or app.


  • Free to list your items.
  • Been around for a long time.
  • It can take a long time to sell your items.
  • You will need to liaise with multiple enquiries from strangers, often facing low-ballers trying to reduce your price.
  • You may get stood up or scammed by a fake buyer/seller.
Listings on Carousell

2. Cash Converters

One of the biggest second-hand dealers in the world, Cash Converters is represented in 24 countries around the world and has six stores in Singapore.


  • Multiple stores.
  • Global brand.
  • Do not specialise in buying used electronic goods.
  • Can offer consumers low quotations for their devices.
Listings on Cash Converter

3. Craigslist.org

Another global brand, Craigslist.org, is a popular online forum that lets users sell their used items and services to others.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Free to post your items.
  • Vast amount of posts from users means it’s hard to get noticed.
  • Number of users is dwindling over time.
Listings on Craigslist Singapore

4. Gaming Store

This chain of retail stores is a popular destination for gamers across Singapore, focusing on consoles and games.

  • Convenient locations across Singapore.
  • Usually offer trade-in for old consoles.
  • Pricing is not transparent, meaning there is uncertainty in their buyback prices.
  • Not easy to find them online, meaning consumers have to visit a store.

5. SellUp

SellUp is Singapore’s most trusted marketplace, providing consumers with a wide range of services for electronic goods.

  • Takes in a wide variety of game consoles.
  • Consumers can get instant offers within 30 seconds.
  • Offer competitive buy-back price.
  • Licensed second-hand buyer.
Game Console buyback at Sell Up

Looking to sell your gaming console?

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