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How To Check For Screen Burn-In on Samsung OLED?


It is inevitable that more phone manufacturers are adopting OLED for their mobile devices. 

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. It is used on mobile and TV screens for higher brightness, better contrast, and many other benefits for viewing pleasure. 

Samsung OLED 

Samsung first started using OLED on its S-series mobile devices – such as Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. One of their most sellable model S7 and S7 Edge received many accolades for their display performance.

Samsung S7 Edge with OLED screen
Samsung S7 Edge with OLED screen

Great but just one thing....

The OLED technology marveled in many ways over LCD, but it does have one flaw that accompanies with its bright, vivid display – Screen burn-in. 

You can read more about screen burn-in and how to prevent it on our previous blog here.

In this article, we will show you how to use the Samsung internal diagnostic menu to check if your mobile device is affected by screen burn-in

Accessing the Diagnostic Menu

Before we begin, be aware the Samsung internal diagnostic menu may not be available on your device; mostly those models launched before 2015. Galaxy S6 and above should have this feature available. 

1. Turn it on

Switch on your Samsung device and TURN OFF Auto brightness or Adaptive brightness. Set the brightness to MAX.

Set the brightness to Max

2. Go to Dial Pad -> Key in *#0*#

Key In the code on Dial Pad

3. Samsung Diagnostic Menu will appear.  

The menu appearance may vary depends on model.
Samsung Diagnostic Menu

4. Tap on Red, Green, and Blue button to check for:

- uneven color tone
- darker shades
- static image
- dead pixel
Red, Gree, Blue Screen
Red, Green and Blue color tone evenly display on OLED.
Signs of burn-in on Red screen
Red : Check for unusual pattern or image on screen
Signs of burn-in on Green screen
Green : Check for unusual pattern or image on screen
Signs of burn-in on Blue screen
Blue : Check for unusual pattern or image on screen

5. Tap on LED button to check for:

- uneven color tone
- darker shades
- static image
- dead pixel
Signs of burn-in on White screen
LED : Check for unusual pattern or image on screen

6. To end, Double Tap on Back Button or Display Screen to exit the menu.

There is burn-in shadow on my OLED, what should I do?

You may consider the following options:

1. Replacement of the OLED panel.
This option is rather expensive as the whole LED panel will have to be replaced. The dilemma is that the replacement cost of a new OLED panel may be higher than the resale value of the phone itself.

For example, the replacement cost for Samsung S7 Edge is approximately $240. The resale value of a working condition S7 Edge? $90 – $120.

You should only consider this option if you intend to continue to use the phone for the next 2-3 years. 

2. Use it as a spare phone.
Having a burn-in image is NOT the worst issue encountered on the phone. Most of the burn-in does not affect the visual significantly and be able to use it as usual.

It will still be a fully functional phone and can consider a back-up phone. 

3. Hand it down.
If the phone is still fully functional, why not hand it to friends or siblings who could put it to good use. 

4. Recycle it.
As part of our social responsibility, SellUp provides pick-up for the phone that is beyond repair or no resale value.

We pay you $10 for every device we collected. 
These phones will be either properly disposes of at designated recycle bins or use as our upcoming 'UP' Project – Used Parts Project.

We will update more on this project soon! 


Samsung internal diagnostics menu has many other features to check the hardware functionality of the phone.

We will cover these other features in our upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

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