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Sell Your Used Phone For Cash


Singapore is ranked highest globally for smartphone penetration, with nine out of ten population having access to a smartphone. It is not surprising some users are having 2 -3 smartphone at any one time. 

Too Many Idle Phone

In addition, the local mobile operators such as SingTel, Starhub, and M1, are subsidizing mobile plan subscribers with new phone every year when the contract is due. As a result, many Singaporean has many excess phones, often collecting dust in the drawer. Selling away your used phone is a great way to make that extra cash while giving them a new lease of life. 
Here are a few things to consider before you sell your phone. 

How Much Is My Phone Worth? 

Finding out the value of your phone can be a time-consuming exercise. Every used phone has a different value depending on its external and working condition. Factors that affect the values are:
- External condition - scratch, scuff, dents. 
- Screen condition - scratch, chip, crack
- LED condition - normal or burn-in issue
- Other hardware condition - sound, vibration, buttons, touch ID, etc 

For accurate evaluation, visit to check the buy-back price as according to your phone condition.

When Should I Sell My Used Phone?

The sooner the better. Used phone prices are subjected to depreciation daily. We recommend selling your used phone before a new phone model is launched. The value will dip drastically whenever there is a new release as brand vendors will typically discount the price of older models. This will affect the value of used models in the process. 

What Should I Do Before Selling My Phone?

Ensure you have performed a proper backup of your data before selling it. Also, log out from your iCloud or Google account and unlock the password from your phone. It is important that you have done a factory restore before handing it away. 

How Do I Sell My Used Phone?

You can use SellUp service to evaluate your used phone value. Once you are agreeable to the price quoted, we will send an agent to verify the phone at your place and pay you cash on the spot. SellUp offers the easiest and simplest way to get cash for your used phone. 

To sell your used phone now, visit our website

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